Theodore Thorngage

Halfling Bard


Character Description:
• 33 Years Old
• 34 Pounds
• 3’0" Tall
• Black Hair with some grey; Combed back
• Thick sideburns but well-trimmed
• Clean shaven
• Brown Eyes Round nose
• Tanned leathery skin
• Faint scar through the brow and eyelid of the left eye
• No tattoos or piercings
• Calloused hands

Languages Spoken:
• Common
• Halfling
• Goblin
• Elven

• Resolve debt
• Use knowledge gained from employment to obtain wealth
• Seeks to be a part of the Collectors
• Be known like his father wasn’t

Future Plans:
• Score big
• Get effed up on gas from fissures from exploring
• Get crazier (minor physical/mental harm to others > greater physical/mental harm to others > major physical/mental harm to others through removal of limbs)
• Lose inhibitions to danger as fumes affect me and as I gain knowledge and ability
Get a riding dog (150gp)


Theodore Thorngage’s father, Milo Thorngage, was many things, but rich was not counted among them. In general, Milo was a decent man who worked as a server maintainer in the Labor District until his dying day. However, he gambled hoping that one day he would be lucky enough to escape his life as just a cog in a machine, and by doing so, give Theodore a better life. Yet, when his time finally came, Theodore inherited the only thing Milo was truly wealthy in, his debt.

As an adolescent, Theodore was “employed” by his late father’s loan shark, Duhgrad the Pocket, until the debt could be settled. During his days, Theodore would try to earn what little he could by busking outside of establishments in the Merchant District. In his evenings, he was charged with tracking men down and dividing them from their credits. At first, neither was an easy task for Theodore due to his small stature, timidness, and lack of physical strength.

However, the nature of his employment quickly taught him the value of a silver tongue and how knowledge could be used as leverage. After years of working for Duhgrad, Theodore has almost managed to completely pay off his debt.

Theodore Thorngage

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